No one is safe from accidents, especially when it comes to car accidents. 323 Auto Collision Center will become your best friend for your car. We offer flawless auto body repair with high-quality materials in the shortest period. We deal with serious problems and the tiniest scratches with the same care.


If your car has been damaged in an accident, 323 Auto Collision can help you get back on the road in a safe and thoroughly repaired vehicle. Our technicians will determine the full extent of your vehicle’s damage and decide what we must do to return it to its original condition. After internal and external repairs are complete, your vehicle will receive paint to repair cosmetic damage and seamlessly match any new parts with the existing body of your car. Finally, your vehicle will be cleaned, so it looks beautiful and is in ready-to-drive condition.


The auto paint professionals 323 Auto Collision are equipped with computerized color matching to perform all your auto paint needs. Maybe you’d like to conceal blemishes like a few rock chips or door dings, or maybe you’re interested in a complete paint job to help your trusty older vehicle look like new. Perhaps you want to take your vehicle to the next level with custom paint work, or you have a classic car in need of a new paint job. Whatever your situation, you can trust us to make your car look phenomenal.


Structural damage to your vehicle caused by a collision may require frame straightening, which is generally your best shot at restoring your vehicle to the same condition it was in prior to the accident; however, bending metal back into alignment is no easy task. To ensure precise accuracy, our shop utilizes the proper tools to determine proper alignment, and our technicians measure the frame and compare it to factory specifications. Then, we restore the structural integrity of the vehicle with state-of-the-art frame straightening equipment.


A common misconception regarding auto accidents is that unibody frame damage always results in the vehicle being a total loss. In fact, this is far from true. The frames on most modern cars come in pieces, so even if one section of the frame is damaged beyond repair, it doesn’t make the whole frame a total loss. Our skilled auto body technicians have the experience and tools to repair extensive frame damage, which almost always costs less than the total value of a newer vehicle. We’re also aluminum repair experts.